Strategic Guidance and Licensing Plan for Renewing Forest Management Plan Environment License

MLi3’s support to the Louisiana Pacific Canada (LPC) dates to the mid 1990s. MLi3’s principal and staff have contributed to 10- and 20-Year Forest Management Plans, and have created and filed Environmental Impact Assessments and Notices of Alteration (supported by environmental assessments) of changes in industrial processes at LPC’s Oriented Strand Board mill in Minitonas, MB. Services have included design and execution of public consultation processes, regulatory liaison, and strategic management of licensing processes. It was a great pleasure to again be retained by new LPC management to provide advice on approaches to renewing LPC’s FMP environmental license that capitalized on this lengthy history of experience. The goal was to seek an optimized approach to creating closer agreement between among the various interests of the environment, the corporation, the regulator, local indigenous communities, and other stakeholders.

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